Nano A1

The Nano A1 range provides a balanced cloud configuration designed for all-purpose use. Cost-effective & versatile, it is suitable for most small to medium web applications.

Scalability and flexibility defines the Nano cloud platform, allowing you to upgrade and downgrade processor cores and memory resources, as well as expand allocated storage, all in real-time.

Included with all Nano plans
  • Processor

    Up to 8 vCores @ 3.3 GHz
    AArch64 / ARM64 / x86

  • Memory

    Up to 32GB DDR4
    ECC & Memory Encryption

  • Storage

    Up to 16TB NVMe SSD
    Expandable Cloud Storage

  • Network

    256 Mbps / 5 Gbps
    SR-IOV Acceleration

Current Region Availability

$ 24.95

per month

$ 14.95

setup fees